Fusion Extreme

Fusion Extreme

Fusion Extreme are offering two schools the fantastic prize of a:

  • Fusion Extreme MTB Trials & Freerunning Show 
  • Fusion Extreme BMX Flatland Show

Fusion Extreme’s ethos is to have no limits to inspire & motivate- they bring together a fusion of extreme sports and urban arts for stunt shows & workshops.

Fusion Extreme have expertise in action sports, creative ideas, marketing & events.

Fusion Extreme and their athletes are respectful, professional & help others to achieve their goals. Whether it be to inspire the next generation, bring fun & diverse entertainment to your programmes or help market your brand.



Cyclehoop create innovative cycle parking and infrastructure for everyone. With colourful, good quality products available specially for young people and schools.

Cyclehoop are rewarding four schools with:

  • 1 x Colourful, Hooligan-Proof, Indoor (or Covered Outdoor) Bike Pump

Cyclehoop are a friendly company who specialise in innovative cycle parking and infrastructure. The Cyclehoop range is designed by cyclists for everyday people in mind, enabling all kinds of spaces to become cycle friendly, healthy and sustainable.

Cyclehoop works with schools to provide cycle parking, shelters and hooligan-proof accessories, helping young people to store, protect and maintain their cycles. Find out more about their products or request a custom quote.

Micro Scooters

Micro Scooters

Micro Scooters, the multi award winning brand who have revolutionised the school run to be as we know it today - scooter filled! Micro work tirelessly to promote scooting on the school run as a means of transport that is faster, healthier, greener, safer and most importantly more fun.

They are giving away fantastic prizes to winning schools during the Big Pedal challenge. Micro scooters are sponsoring three days of the Big Pedal competition. Prizes include:

  • 10 Micro Scooters for primary schools
  • Two Micro Scooters for secondary schools
  • Hampers of 35 Micro accessories for four schools

Micro Scooters invented the scooter as we know it today. Their passion for innovation and meticulous attention to detail means you can be secure in the knowledge that their products have been produced to the highest standards.



Loffi are rewarding two lucky primary schools with:

  • 35 pairs of children’s gloves

Loffi make high-quality cycling gloves with a mission: to spread goodwill on the roads and make journeys happier for everyone. Loffi gloves feature a smiley face on the palm and reverse which encourages the user to wave and signal more. They are perfect for building confidence in new and improving riders who cycle, scoot or smile their way from A to B. The latest kids range:

  • Encourages great habits like signalling and saying thanks
  • Features hi-vis and reflective details
  • Keep hands warm, dry and free from grazes
  • Have fleecy thumbs for runny noses
  • Has a stripy silicon smile which is super grippy on handlebars



Broxap Ltd. are one of the UK’s leading designers, manufacturers and installers of cycle parking.

Broxap are offering colourful parking to two winning primary schools. The winning schools will be able to pick the colour for their racks to provide fun, eye-catching parking for their pupil’s scooters and bicycles.

  • one cycle rack in colour of school’s choice
  • one scooter rack in colour of school’s choice

Working with Education, Local Authority, Architects and Contractors amongst others Broxap have been synonymous with cycle parking shelter, stand and rack products and installations throughout the UK for many years. A family owned business Broxap offers quality products that meet the buyer’s budget and delivers on time.

Plume Labs

Plume Labs

Flow is the original and award-winning personal air quality monitor. Plume Labs are offering five schools:

  • A Flow 1 devices with two years of support, plus guidance for starter activity.

The Flow 1 device can be strapped to your bag, your bike, your belt to provide a real-time measure of what’s in the air in or around your school environment.

Plume Labs’ mission is to make air quality information accessible and empowering.

Frog Bikes

Frog Bikes

Frog Bikes make cycling FUN for children with colourful, high quality and lightweight kid’s bikes. Frog Bikes are rewarding one primary school:

  • 2 Frog 52 Bikes

Frog Bikes are a family run company specialising in lightweight but strong aluminium frames designed specifically with smaller riders in mind.

The Frog range incorporates lighter frames, shorter cranks and easy reach brake levers are just some of the changes Frog have made to the geometry to ensure that cycling is a positive experience for younger riders. Frog Bikes works with associations, trainers, schools and councils to make cycling easily accessible and to provide children with skills for life.

Find out more on their partners brochure and Partner pages.